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Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting!

This site details all aspects of my acting and filmmaking career. Please take some time to peruse the pictures, videos and other materials available here. You can email me via the contact page if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to speaking with you.




Random Encounters Released!
Gravitas Ventures released Random Encounters December 1, 2013 on VOD, iTunes, VUDU & Google Play.
Preorder on iTunes now.

Random Encounters Poster
Poster for "Random Encounters", a movie I wrote.

Random Encounters Opening Credits
The opening credits to "Random Encounters", a spec script I sold a couple years ago, has been posted on the film's fan page.

Short Story Published
A short story I wrote is part of the dark fantasy anthology Hunt the Winterlands.

Book Adaptation Deal!
I am adapting a children's fantasy novel for Kerouac Films.