Oct 282008

In the somebody didn’t do their research department, ABC Family has greenlit a pilot entitled “Perfect 10″ that takes place in the world of competitive gymnastics, according to Variety.

The big problem is that in the new scoring system now used in gymnastics, there no longer is such a thing as a perfect ten, as we were reminded ad infinitum during the recent Beijing Olympics.  Considering that a majority of the probable intended audience for the show will either be involved with gymnastics or fans of the sport, and assuming ABS Family keeps the name if and when the pilot is picked up to series, the technically invalid title threatens to ring false with viewers before they even sample the show, regardless of the veracity of the drama’s actual content.  Even with all the drivel currently being broadcast, television audiences are often more astute than the networks give them credit for when it comes to a concept’s plausibility.  That doesn’t portend well for the show’s future.

And network executives wonder why shows fail.

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