Jan 072008

So another college football season has completed, and once again the Bowl Championship Series has failed fans with a dud of a championship game that protects the power conferences’ big money interests. LSU (the first ever BCS Championship Game team coming in with two losses, thus belying the argument that the regular season is a week-by-week playoff) completely dominated Ohio-verrated State in a match-up that most likely would not have occurred in a playoff system. What a joke.But perhaps there is a ray of hope. I read on Yahoo! Sports an AP story stating that the BCS is going to seriously evaluate a “plus-one” system which would effectively create a four-team playoff using bowl games for the semi-finals in time for the 2010 season. Now serious discussions of a playoff system and the BCS may sound like an oxymoron and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, but even the mere mention of such consideration is a huge step forward. Apparently a sizable percentage of the major conferences are in support of such a system, with the Big Ten and Pac-10 notable exceptions. Those two conferences have a contractual relationship with the Rose Bowl and claim that such a playoff system would devalue that game. But even in the current system that contract doesn’t always play out, so by agreeing to the BCS in the first place they’ve already weakened their own argument.I suppose you can’t blame the Big Ten. Considering the current mediocrity of the conference (once again exhibited today), instituting a playoff system would effectively end its chances of bringing home a national title. At least the Pac-10 has USC. All joking aside, it’s very interesting to note that neither of these conferences have conference championship games, either.So let’s all hope that this slim glimmer of a hope is realized and that college football fans will finally be treated to a playoff that will determine a real champion.

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