Jan 052008

I watched Network for the first time tonight. Probably a film I should have seen a long time ago, but that’s neither here nor there; everybody I know, both inside and outside of the history, has a list of movies they should have already seen.The mark of a truly great film, beyond the technical elements of acting, writing, directing, production value, etc., is that it stands the test of time. This is all the more true when the movie deals with a topical issue; relevancy is hard to maintain. It’s scary watching Network to think that this film was made 37 years ago! If we consider that the media, societal and corporate cultures of Network were already in place during the seventies and then compare them to those of today, both the similarities and the progression are downright frightening.Perhaps we should all rewatch Network as a warning, to be cognizant of just how dangerously far we have already come and what may be in store for us in the future.

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