Dec 182007

The soundtrack for my film TALES FROM BEYOND was released today on CD and via digital download. Here is the official description from the label:

TALES FROM BEYOND (David James Nielsen) / MovieScore

MediaMovieScore Media’s third release in the ‘Discovery Collection’ is also the label’s second album featuring music by up and coming composer David James Nielsen (Haunting Villisca). In 2004, Nielsen wrote the superb orchestral score for the Tales from Beyond, an Twilight Zone-inspired feature comprised of four stories written and directed by Josh Austin, Nate Barlow, Eric Manning and Russell Scott. Hosted by Adam West (who played Batman in the 1966 movie), the film won the Best Film Awards at the A.K.A. Shriekfest and the Modesto Shockerfest. Nielsen’s score adds a sense of gothic darkness to the film’s opening and ending, and provided different colors for the four different episodes – atmospheric sustained string writing for the ‘Abernathy’ segment, cool jazz for ‘Nex’s Diner’ (arranged by Robby Elfman), experimental and quirky for ‘Life Replay’, and uplifting and emotional for ‘Fighting Spirit’. On album, the result is a very entertaining listening experience and a treat for any fan of dark, mesmerizing horror film music with a touch of class.

David James Nielsen - Tales from Beyond (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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