Sep 082007

As I was driving home from work the other day I saw a black Volkswagon Bug tricked out with chrome rims and the words “F*ck You, Pay Me” written in pink script on the rear side windows. Was this a case of Hollyweird or a plausibly deniable advertisement for illicit sexual services? I’m not sure.

If the former, one must chalk it up to the bizarre world of Hollywood, some wannabe trying to be funny but coming across as simply bizarre. If the latter… well, that, too, would be truly Hollywood, marketing oneself in the most blatant of manners. And what sells better than sex?

If prostitution was indeed being promoted, I must admit to admiring the pure brazenness of the car’s owner. Such a completely public flaunting of legality lands the driver in the same league as the bong vendors on the Venice boardwalk and the stoners who dare to smoke pot on the street (the smell of which, incidently, I caught a whiff of on the sidewalk outside of work that very morning). Regardless of my opinion of their activities, I have to respect the absolute attitude, the completely cocky confidence it takes to do such so openly.

  5 Responses to “Blatant Advertising”

  1. It’s a line from a Jay-Z interlude re: the record industry. Their whole attitude
    w/ artists is according to him like, “Fuck you, pay me!” Think it’s on his 3rd album.

  2. It’s a line from a Jay-Z interlude on his third album. It’s a convo between an
    struggling artist and his label, and the label keeps saying “Fuck you, pay me!”

  3. That shows where my taste in music lies…

    The inscription being a quote begs the question:

    1. Was it just a fan exhibiting his or her fandom?
    2. Was it a prostitute taking advantage of the quote for clever advertising?
    3. Was it simply coincidence?


    4. Was it one Jay-Z’s cars?

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