Aug 292007

Volkswagon has a new spot out that I love for its clever integration of the small print. A guy stands at the bottom of a hill while a train of silver Volkswagon’s weave their way down a windy road towards him. After splashing through a puddle, the lead car stops opposite the man. The driver rolls down his window and the guys asks him, “Professional driver on a closed course?” The driver nods yes once in reply.

At least for me, this commercial really stood out from the morass of advertising muck for the innovative way it took the “professional driver on a closed course” small print with which we are all familiar and made it integral to the commercial itself. Although this was a normal ad, the art of integrating a message within an engrossing creative concept will be the key to successful television advertising in our TIVO ad-skipping age. “Story” spots already experience better audience retention than more traditional ads. Expanding these techniques to the reinvention of the commercial paradigm will be crucial for advertisers hoping to get their message across in the years to come.

  2 Responses to “Creative Commercial Message Integration”

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