Aug 082007

I haven’t been a fan of Barry Bonds since he broke Pittsburgh Pirates fans hearts after the 1992 season and signed with the Giants for a lot more money than the small-market Bucs were able to offer him.

I had the good fortune to attend the 1993 home opener for the Pirates, where the Giants happened to be the visiting team. As soon as Bonds took his position, a shower of dollar bills, coins and flags given away that night littered down upon the field. It took seven minutes to clear the field before play could resume.

Surliness with the press and allegations of steroid use hasn’t helped Bonds’s image in my mind.

That having been said, I thought asking Bonds’s in the post-game press conference after he broke Hank Aaron’s record last night whether the record was tainted was completely out of line.

I didn’t catch who asked the question, but for this one night, I felt that the media should ignore the scandal. Steroid use or not, 756 home runs is an amazing feat. If it turns out, surprise of surprises, that he is clean after all, he should have been able to enjoy this moment unspoiled.

The questions and arguments can begin again today, and an asterisk can be added at some point in the future if he is found guilty. But the reporters last night should have just let it be.

  25 Responses to “Barry Bonds and 756 – Let It Be”

  1. While I abhor the fact that the record will be marred by “steroids”, I’d like people to acknowledge that steroids add muscle, no the ability to hit the ball…

    If you took any steroid pumping chump off the street, they couldn’t accomplish this feat.

    So while the record is questionable, a certain talent that is going unregarded is not.

  2. I agree. That’s why the record is still impressive. No amount of bulk can equal talent.

    It was very cool to watch the home run on the big screen at Angel Stadium in the middle of the Angel-Red Sox game. Not surprisingly, everyone booed or shouted, “Steroids!”, myself included. I’m glad I saw it at a ballpark during a game, even if on TV.

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