Jun 082007

In a ruling long overdue checking the current Federal Communications Commission’s recent hitherto infringements on our First Amendment rights, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out the FCC’s (forevermore, the First amendment Crime Committers) ruling that a slip of the tongue would land broadcasters a fine for indecency. The attitude emanating from Washington lately in regards to indecency has been downright frightening, and the Appeals Court ruling is a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere reeking of a witchhunt.

According to Cynthia Littleton in Variety, what is most amusing about all these proceedings is the response issued by FCC chairman Kevin Martin (solely by him and not the commission as a whole). Martin’s statement comes across as downright petulant in asserting “Hollywood will be able to say anything they want, whenever they want”, accusatory in frequently referring to the “New York Court” (as if the location of the court influenced the ruling), and shocked that the court would dare question the FCC’s judgement.

What I wonder about is Martin’s motivation behind the sentiments expressed in his statement. Are these the ravings of a megalomaniac so used to getting his way that he is incapable of dealing with the situation when things don’t work out as planned? Or does Martin have a personal vendetta against Hollywood which he will exact at all costs? Or is he simply an idealogue waging a crusade to coerce his views on others, no matter what rights are trampled in the process? To some extent, he may very well be motivated by all of the above.

As bad as these are, let’s hope for our country’s sake he’s not coming from an even more sinister place.

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