Apr 082007

I saw “Blades of Glory” this past week and once again was thoroughly impressed by Will Ferrell’s performance. He is quickly becoming not just the comic actor of his generation, but one of THE actors of his generation. Yes, I truly believe that Will Ferrell has developed into one of the finest film actors around.

What makes Ferrell so good? He fully commits to his roles, no matter how ridiculous they may seem, to a degree that only a handful of other performers can match. In doing so, he makes the most unbelievable of characters believable. Take Buddy in “Elf”. Playing completely innocent can be very difficult for adults to do, but Ferrell exhibits a childlike innocence so well and so earnestly that you completely accept him. No one else could deliver a Buddy or Chazz Michael Michaels so perfectly.

Add in that Ferrell has the willingness to do absolutely anything on the level of a John Belushi or Chris Farley and he truly stands out among comic actors–if not among all actors.

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