Feb 062007

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts on winning Super Bowl XLI. As a New England Patriots fan, I was rooting against them, but they played excellently and deserved to win. It was also great to see Tony Dungy finally win the big game.

My question is, why did Peyton Manning win the game MVP award? He wasn’t terrible but he was by no means great. Manning’s numbers were mediocre, even subpar for him, and by no means did he win the game for the Colts. That job was performed by the two running back Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai. The MVP award is not meant to be a popularity contest but a tribute to the game’s best player. So I propose that we start the first annual “Real” MVP award, to be decided by acutal game watchers who haven’t decided whom they’re going to pick before the game even starts. And to kick off the award, this year we have co-MVPs, Rhodes and Addai.

And now for the commercials. As someone who actually cares for the game, I feel that those people who are only watching for the commercials should just stick to the trash tabloid TV that would normally be occupying their little minds. To me the ads are a pleasant diversion in what otherwise might be snack or bathroom break time. That having been said… I believe the era of big-budget ads for the Super Bowl has passed. Overall quality has been declining for several years, and with ad time currently running about $2.5 million per thirty second spot, one gets the feeling that advertisers are skimping on the commercials just to afford the time spot. The SalesGenie spot, for example, had such horrendous acting that the commercial played like a bumper ad for a late-night infomercial, and Coca-Cola, one of the world’s largest advertisers, repurposed their movie theater spots! Sure, there will always be a few stand-outs, but the peak has passed.

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