Sep 172006

I just don’t understand network programming execs.

For years now people have lamented how very few new shows are given a chance to grow and find their audience. I’ve previously commented on how the nets have taken the tact of the studios, placing all bets on the big opening. If a new show doesn’t hit high ratings within the first couple episodes, it usually goes off the air pretty quickly these days.

But today I’m scratching my head about the actual placement of shows. For example, ABC has taken it’s now third-year hit and moved it up against the #1 show in television, CSI, which has held it’s Thursday 9PM slot for ages.

Once in a while, these moves work out. Usually, their suicide for the moving show. ABC would love to do some damage to the CBS stalwart, but more often then not the part of the audience that enjoys both shows tends to stay with the one already in place. It’s habit–call it television show inertia.

The same thing has occurred in the Sunday 8PM slot, easily the most competitive of the new year. The Amazing Race, The Simpsons, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Sunday Night Football, all up against each over. At least one of these will take a huge ratings plunge, if not two. With The Simpsons and Extreme Makeover firmly in place at that time, and the NFL always a juggernaut, I simply don’t understand why CBS would move The Amazing Race to this time. I’m afraid that the one reality show I truly enjoy is going to see its worst ratings ever.

Don’t mess with success.

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  1. This new schedule will be a moment of shock for all your fans. They were not expecting it to come out so early. Now they can watch their shows without any delay.