May 122006

What seems to be lost in the controversy surrounding Barry Bonds passing Babe Ruth’s home run mark is that the current record–and the only one that really matters–looks more and more unattainable.

The soon-to-be forty-three-year-old Bonds has hit only 5 homeruns in the 35 games the Giants have played so far this year. At that pace he will only hit 23 over the course of the full 162-game season (only, of course, being a relative term–23 homeruns is not a bad year). That would put him at 731 for his career, 24 short of Hank Aaron’s 755. Now whether the dropoff in Barry’s production is due to age and bad health or now being off steroids, that means the earliest he could expect to challenge Aaron is the end of next season–assuming no further drop off in production and that he does stay healthy. And when you’re 44, as Bonds will be then, those are big ifs.

So maybe, hopefully, Aaron’s mark will stand and there will be no controversy over a possibly steroid-tainted record.

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